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The loss of a loved one is a 
difficult experience.  At one's death, an estate is created.  In Minnesota, if the estate has assets valued at more than $50,000 or contains real property, the estate must be probated to transfer assets.  In probating the estate, the assets of the estate must be inventoried and a final accounting must be made.

The administration of a Trust is similar to the administration of a probate estate without court supervision and the costs attendant to opening a probate estate.

At Donald W. Anderson PLLC, the firm has significant experience in handling probate estates.  Whether formal or informal, supervised or unsupervised, the firm provides the legal services to help in navigating through the legal hurdles and forms necessary to distribute the assets of the decedent and close the estate, in a economical fashion.

The firm also advises Trustees in the administration of trust assets, helping make the distribution of trust assets an easier task for the Trustee.